Week #7~ The Universe Above

M31 - 2010.07.29 Lunar Eclipse With Stars - 2010 December 20 2:58am

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Today for my Blog #7- The World of Nature, I’m going to talk about the universe. To be more precise, I will be talking about what’s in the universe. Like planets, stars, constellations, galaxies, etc. I hope you enjoy!

The universe is all around us: up, down, left and right. The universe contains thousands of millions of interesting facts and beautiful spectacles. The most known planets are Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Earth. Technically Pluto is not considered a planet by NASA because of its size and location, but I like to call it a planet anyways. My favorite planet is Saturn; I love the way that Saturn looks, and I want to learn more about it then just the looks. From what I hear, Saturn is surrounded by five rings, but when I searched it there were multiple answers. So I’m just going to stick with that.

What I like most about the universe would have to be all the beautiful planets, stars, and galaxies. Though I don’t know much about their origin or the life forms that may or may not be out there, I still want to learn as much as I can. And that why I’m writing about this, and if I know of anyone else who likes the universe, it would have to be Markiplier (A Youtuber with over 1m views!). Anyways. One of the things I do know of is The Blood Moon! I just thought I should talk about it to see if anyone else is interested in it as well. The Lunar Tetrad, also know as Blood Moon or a total Lunar Eclipse, has only appeared just a little while ago (September 28, 2015), and I’m glad I was one of the millions of people that got even a small look at it. The Blood Moon is actually just when the moon is fully covered in the Earth’s shadow, but sometimes it turns red and sometimes it turns dark brown. As NASA explains, it’s because “the Earth’s atmosphere extends beyond the planet, and sunlight passes through it, still reaching the moon.”

The universe holds many different things that not even scientists know about, and the worst part about that is that what we know is that the universe is slowly dying, but we can only estimate when it will actually happen. All that we know is that the universe is slowly fading away, galaxies are slowly losing energy which is causing the universe to lose energy and eventually dissipate into nothingness. This information is quite alarming, but I still wonder, what will happen when the universe disappears? Will a new universe appear, or will it just sort of be… nothing? These kinds of things really interest me. If the universe disappears, then what will happen to everything else? Would the planets and stars go along with it? Anyways. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, though I was quite late to write it. If you have anything to say type it in the comments below. See you later!

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4 thoughts on “Week #7~ The Universe Above

  1. G’day Jessie,
    What a great post! It has been flipped to the magazine. I tried to get a good picture of the blood moon when it occurred but not much luck here in Tasmania – didn’t look very red at all.

    1. Hello miss W,
      The blood moon was kind of small but I’m still grateful for getting to look at it with my family. It was really fun, I hope you at least had fun too.

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